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Sunday, April 29, 2012

BiOrb Fish Tank - You Don't Know What You Are Missing

Male individuum of Danio margaritatus between ...
Male individuum of Danio margaritatus between Elodea densa in a fish tank. Deutsch: Männliches Exemplar von Danio margaritatus (Perlhuhbärbling) zwischen Wasserpest (Elodea densa) in einem 60 Liter Aquarium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you want easy then you want a BiOrb fish tank. In almost all cases when you buy a BiOrb fish tank you will get all the parts needed to get started. You should have everything you need in one handy package and not have to purchase anything else. If you know about aquariums then setting up one of these will be a breeze.

The nice thing is it is easier for new comers than your traditional fish tank. The big factor you always need to be aware of is the key to setting up any aquarium is allowing yourself time. If you are in a hurry to add fish to the tank in most cases they will end up floating dead at the top. You want the fish to live so allow enough time to make sure everything is just right.

The first thing you want to do after you purchase your BiOrb fish tank is wash each part very well. You want to make sure all the dust and any loose dyes are cleaned so they don't affect your fish's livelihood down the road. Just use water. Soap is absolutely not to be used. Residual from any soaps or detergents will harm your fish. I suggest just using hot water and then you should have no worries. You should do the best you can and if for some reason some small particles are left the filtration system will take care of them.

The first thing you need to add to the BiOrb fish tank is the filter system. In almost all cases you will not need tools. A couple of hand screws to be tightened and you will be on your way. You need to put in the replicated gravel at the bottom of the tank. Only use the media that comes with the tank. You should not be adding any extra gravel or anything like that. Adding extras will only make it harder on the filter and in no time you will end up with cloudy water.

The next step for your BiOrb fish tank is the plants. Remember that the plants will need to be held down by the media that layers the bottom of the tank. The best time to get all this taken care of is before you ever add any water. If you are using real plants you may want to add a little water. The big thing when anchoring real plants is to not crush the roots. You want to bury the roots but be extra careful as to not crush them.

So now you finally get to start adding water to the BiOrb fish tank. Your best bet is going with water that is room temperature. There will be an additive that comes with the kit for purifying the water. On top of that you also have to use a chlorine kit to make sure the chlorides are at an acceptable level. Now you will need to get the heater plugged in, turned on and running for 4 or 5 days before ever adding any fish. This will allow enough bacteria to grow to deal with any wastes from the fish.

There will be a heater included with your BiOrb fish tank as well. Another thing that will be there will be a gauge for measuring the temperature. It is very important to keep the temperatures where they belong if you want to keep your fish alive. A few minutes and you will have the heater running and you will need no tools to install it.

You will have to make a decision as to how many fish you want to keep. This will help you determine the size of tank you will need. At the end of the day make sure it's what you are going to enjoy. There isn't much more beautiful in your home then a BiOrb fish tank.

Wendy wants to help you with all your fish needs. She has been dealing with fish for pets for over 20 years.
The key to a successful relationship with your fish is learning what it takes to raise fish.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

The BiOrb Fish Tank - Where it All Began

Many people who like to have fish as pets shy away from doing so for one reason or another:
  • They dislike having to clean the tank and change the water
  • They are afraid of over feeding the fish and hence killing them
  • They are unsure of what types of fish to keep in their fish bowl or aquarium
If you fall in the category of people who like fish but are not sure what it takes to keep them, then you might consider getting a biOrb fish tank. From what you read below, you will realize how much easier this type of fish tank makes taking care of fish at home.

The biOrb aquarium was founded in 1998 by a father and son team named Matthew and Paul Stevenson. One of the main focuses of them creating the biOrb fish aquarium is the very fact that many people are unable to take care of fish themselves. Basically, the size of the biOrb fish tank was originally positioned between the very large and expensive fish tanks and the very small and cruel fish bowls or similar products. The convenient size made it very easy to keep as well as maintain where needs be.

One of the features of the biOrb fish tank that makes it most appealing to people is the fact that it comes with a built-in five stage filtration system that helps to keep the tank clean and the fish alive. Instead of having the type of aquarium where you have to change the filter or clean the tank on a very regular basis, this built-in filtration system prevents most of the work.

Today, you can find a wide range of biOrb tanks and aquariums on the market, including the biOrb 60, Baby biOrb and the cylindrical biUbe. The biOrb Pure and the biOrb: Spy Orb Edition have both been added to the range of products very recently and have appealed to the customers.

For just about $90, you can find yourself a biOrb fish tank that includes the setup kit and lights. Now, you can finally have fish as pets in the home without worrying about them dying before their time or the work that goes into cleaning a typical aquarium. Get one for your household today so you can finally have a set of pets that you always wanted. Whether you are going with tetras, hatchet fish or guppies, these Reef One tanks are perfect for smaller species.

Learn more concerning the interesting features within a biOrb Fish Tank. Visit our website on Fish Tanks that covers a variety of models available.

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